Help Support K'aslem Mandala

Help Support K'aslem Mandala

Please help the Los Cimientos Alliance support and strengthen the K’aslem Mandala Program. Help us teach a sustainable way of life to Mayan Youth in Guatemala and reestablish the spectacular natural environment of Lake Atitlan that is their economic future and survival in daily life.

Your contributions to the Los Cimientos Alliance will empower our effort to Save Lake Atitlan; support the youth and their families directly through work-study stipends for the K’aslem Environmental Promoters Team; sponsor Environmental Youth Group education programs, plant trees; teach children how to grow food, keep their forests alive and their villages clean. Your donation could also be applied to operational support for expanding the Kaslem Program around the Lake.

You can send a check to the Los Cimientos Alliance, P.O. Box 221612, Carmel, CA 93922. Or, contribute online by going directly to Pay Pal – just click the Donate button above.

When you click the Donate button, you go directly to a Pay Pal page to complete your transaction.

Once you enter the Paypal Checkout process, you will see a box for “Optional Instructions”. Using that box, you can tell us if you prefer to have your donation support our Work Study stipends and educational activities for youth in the environmental education-delinquency prevention program; or to provide operational support.

Thank you! Continuing this work is possible ONLY with the support of environmentally conscious people like you who value the role of Youth in the future of this Planet.


Please contact K’aslem Mandala Program Director at:

Direct contact with K’aslem Promoters Team:

Home Office Telephone (U.S.A.): 831 706 4203

SKYPE Phone in Guatemala: Kaslem Mandala

Los Cimientos Alliance-Kaslem Mandala U.S. mailing address:


We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you!


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