Los Cimientos Alliance (LCA/USA) Mission Statement

To inspire and empower Mayan youth to improve environmental, economic and social conditions in their families and communities by increasing their job skills and teaching them about the extraordinary biological diversity and history of their local habitat, and the role young people serve in preserving and rejuvenating natural and cultural resources.

LOS CIMIENTOS ALLIANCE sponsors K’aslem Mandala Environmental Education and Youth Leadership Program to fulfill this Mission.


  • An Environmental Education Program for Children and Youth – planting trees, growing food, recycling, cleaning up the village, healing the clear blue waters of Lake Atitlan, teaching their friends and families to care for the ecological balance that supports their lives for generations to come;
  • A Youth Leadership Program – Teaching, guiding and encouraging conscious and caring young people to become their highest and best – role models of integrity, accountable and environmentally mindful young leaders for the future of their communities and their country;
  • A Community Service and International Collaboration – Revitalizing the youth and the environment of Lake Atitlan to benefit the economic future of this renowned tourist destination;
  • A Humanitarian Resource for K’aslem Mandala Promoters – Making micro-loans available for young people who have no access to other micro-loan resources, carefully considered support for family emergencies, physical and mental health support services.


Our Youth Leadership Program provides a viable model to counteract the rapidly increasing tsunami of crime-violence-delinquency that is turning the US-Mexican border into a war zone – CNN and BBC tell us that the wave of violence is moving northward at an alarming rate.

Imagine: thousands of young men and women that have been recently deported from wage paying jobs in the US – returning to a land with minimal employment opportunities.

Imagine: hundreds of violent criminals and gang members released from U.S. prisons being deported to a country with a dysfunctional police and justice system.

Imagine: Guatemala, land of Eternal Spring – land of no jobs, with escalating costs for basic food like corn, beans and tortillas – and a rapidly increasing influx of foreigners that are buying land that once provided housing for families and grew food crops. Rent for available housing is escalating to California high-rent levels and salaries for household helpers are frequently what would have been adequate 10 years ago.

Imagine: Where do the Young People Go? Where do they grow? Will they join the domino of poverty-driven drug-related criminality that is here and now crossing the southern US border? Or will they have an opportunity to heal their environment and be of service to their communities?

Imagine them – earning a fair days wage to work and learn and teach their peers and to become Promoters for a clean and healthy environment – becoming leaders of integrity in their villages.

Join Los Cimientos Alliance – K’aslem Mandala in empowering their visions

for a country they can respect and love – a healthy environment for their children,

Guatemala – Our Hemispheric Neighbor

K’aslem Mandala Environmental Education – Youth Leadership Program

A Pebble in the Pond of Sustainable Answers

You can help! All contributions are 501(c) 3 U.S. tax deductible. Please see Contribute and Contact page for options or click on the DONATE button below, which will take you to a Pay Pal page to complete your transaction.

Help Support K'aslem Mandala

Help Support K'aslem Mandala

During the Paypal Checkout process, you will see a box for “Optional Instructions”. Using that box, you can tell us if you prefer to have your donation support our Land Purchase; or Work-Study Stipends or Educational Activities for youth in the Environmental Education-delinquency prevention program; or to provide Operational Support. Thank you! Continuing this work is possible ONLY with the support of environmentally conscious people like you who value the role of Youth in the future of this Planet.

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