Our Projects & Artisans

  K’aslem: a Mayan word for Life ~ Mandala: a Sacred Circle    
                ART and ARTISANS                               
 K’ASLEM MANDALA PROMOTERS WORK-STUDY STIPEND TEAM. Youth earning a livable income while learning environmentally sustainable practices, planting trees, experimenting in creative recycling, teaching these newly acquired skills to children in local schools, developing personal artistic talents and starting micro-enterprise businesses to sustain their families on a long term basis.
1.  Kaslem Team is planting trees, thanks to funding from  Reforestation for Education! We are planting Trees with hundreds of school children on the mountain side above San Antonio Palopo in the midst of the pouring rains of August and September – See CURRENT EVENTS!

2. Los Cuchareros de San Lucas Toliman 

The Spoon Makers of San Lucas Toliman

Salad Set of two spoons - $11.

Kitchen art handcrafted by Mayan Artisans using wood pruned from Coffee trees; Gravilea, an Acacia-like-tree that is a popular firewood source for home cooking stoves; Tasisco or Tzaj, a beautiful golden-red wood and Hormiga – the Ant Tree. These trees are planted as shade cover for the Coffee Plants and are pruned annually.


The Spoon Makers is a group of eight young men and women in their early twenties who live in San Lucas Toliman. Adonias Mejia Misa, a long time member of K’aslem Mandala, supplements his family income by making spoons with The Spoon Makers.  Adonias is a part-time K’aslem Promoter, teaching other young people how to plant and care for newly reforested areas. He works for a respected local reforestation project, Arboles de La Vida – Trees of Life. Together with the other K’aslem Promoters he is designing our tree planting program in K’aslem. Adonias, his wife Leticia and  their two children live with their grand-parents and their extended family in the most humble of circumstances.

Rice Paddle, a couple spoons after 7 years use and a new Tablespoon

Rice Paddle, a couple spoons after 7 years use and a new Tablespoon

All income from the sales of these lovely hand-carved spoons goes directly to the Spoon Makers Artisans. They donate a portion of their sales to aid Elder residents of San Lucas living in extreme poverty. Their name for this project is Helping People of the Third Age. 


For information about prices and ordering from The Spoon Makers

Please contact: Adonias Mejia Misa. Telephone – 011 502 4031 4976

Or email: kaslemmandala7@yahoo.com – to the Attention of Adonias Mejia.


3.  SEEDS OF HARMONY – MOTHERS AND DAUGHTERS ENVIRONMENTAL ARTS. Developing personal business skills and the ability of young daughters and mothers to create unique designs, while they participate in Domestic Violence Prevention Workshops, learn conflict resolution skills and learn to take care of the environment that provides their families with daily fire-wood for three meals a day and Lake Atitilan, their ancestral place of bathing and clothes washing and the economic future of their children.

Seeds of Harmony - First Belts Class

Seeds of Harmony - First Belts Class

Contact Fermina Maquin for information about purchasing Sun Catchers, Seed Bead Belts  Ornamental Purses and “You Name It” designs made by Seeds of Harmony

Email Fermina at  kaslemmandala7@yahoo.com

 Seed Bead Ornamental Purse

 Seed Bead Ornamental Purse

Women’s Dignity Parade
Men and Women Living in the World in Harmony 

 Mother Earth is calling for Dignity and  Freedom for Women




3. K’aslem Mandala ROOTS AND SHOOTS YOUTH PROGRAM – CREATIVE RECYCLING and REFORESTATION.  We are the First Chapter of Dr. Jane Goodall’s Environmental Youth Leadership Program in Guatemala.

4. ROOTS AND SHOOTS CHILDRENS PROGRAM – GROWING FOOD FOR GROWING CHILDREN and saving seeds for family gardens for future generations in San Lucas Toliman. Focusing on strengthening their connection and appreciation for the natural world around them, while learning how to manage food producing gardens.

You can help! All contributions are 501(c) 3 U.S. tax deductible. Please see Contribute and Contact page for options or click on the DONATE button below, which will take you to a Pay Pal page to complete your transaction.

Help Support K'aslem Mandala

Help Support K'aslem Mandala

During the Paypal Checkout process, you will see a box for “Optional Instructions”. Using that box, you can tell us if you prefer to have your donation support our Land Purchase; or Work-Study Stipends and Educational Activities for youth in the Environmental Education-Delinquency Prevention program; or to provide Operational Support. Thank you! Continuing this work is possible ONLY with the support of environmentally conscious people like you who value the role of Youth in the future of this Planet.


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