Posted by: K'aslem Mandala | June 12, 2008


Each and Every Day we give THANKS to Sarah Livia and the SZEKELEY Family Foundation for making the K’aslem dream a reality. K’aslem Mandala is showing the youth and children of San Lucas Toliman, San Antonio Palopo, Santa Catarina Palopo and Panajachel the great role they play in protecting the environment that is their Life and Breath.  July 8 2010
THANKS to Lynn for constant administrative support in the USA and for having the Keys to the Mysteries of the Internet 
Especially Thanks to Margery, for planting the seed that became the Heart of the Circle of Life for K’aslem Mandala.

And to the Keepers of the Gardens –  Continuing K’aslem Program is possible with the support of environmentally conscious people like you who value the role of Youth in the future of this beloved Planet.

Thank you!

Thank you for the ever growing and changing Los Cimientos Alliance Board of Directors and to our faithful donors and quiet helpers who give us wise counsel,  gather mail and make each step forward a meaningful journey. Through climate changes, economic meltdowns, even a Gulf Oil disaster,  K’aslem Mandala is still be here – Healing Nature ~ Healing Youth!  Thanks to Rae, Brigitte, Sidney and Sandra – for being Mothers and Grandmothers and Great Grandmothers who love the Sacred Mother – Earth.
The CottonWood Foundation for giving K’aslem Mandala the resources to start our good work  along with hundreds of meaningful grassroots endeavors around the world…
  •  WISH LIST: More Money Please!

Thanks to Los Cimientos Italia for  being there each step of the way helping Kaslem Team achieve our shared vision to heal the children, heal the environment!


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